PKS explore all the possibilities that may be concealed within a particular circumstance to unlock value and to generate creative design solutions. An awareness of the full potential in any situation combined with imaginative design solutions ensures the best possible result. PKS look at any opportunity from many different perspectives so that no inherent potential in any situation goes undetected.

The philosophy of PKS is not to apply a pre-determined design approach or house style but to use a consistent methodology to draw out of the project brief an individual and uniquely appropriate solution. PKS believe that every site is unique and that a successful design must respond to the particular factors inherent in that site.

The process starts with extensive site research and investigation which generates an urban design context and guides option development in the light of local and national planning policy. Constraints and opportunities are identified and investigated with reference to value and sustainability. The analytical process gives way to one of synthesis where potential solutions are created and tested.

Client objectives are maximised while taking account of the interests of other parties affected by the project. Consultation is undertaken at appropriate stages to inform the development of the scheme and to win the support of stakeholders. Design options are evaluated, selected and optimized, resulting in a final scheme which is underpinned by the design development process, and is consequently robust and carries conviction.