PKS is able to offer a specialist interior design service alongside our other architectural services.

This has a distinct advantage to the Client, as architecture and interior design are not separate proposals executed by two individual consultants but a seamless product delivering consistent quality of design and control of budget.

Our working philosophy means that the interior design is developed as part of the overall concept of a building and is not an added feature applied later. A dedicated designer is the usual interface for the Client, guiding them and developing the proposals with them as appropriate. This process starts with the interior concept and is developed in to a specification and proposal incorporating the requirements of the end user.

Our approach allows the Client the opportunity for involvement in the development of the detailed proposals and the certainty that they are coordinated with the building as a whole. The level of client involvement is tailored to the project and client.

In two recent projects, Telegraph Hill and High Acres, PKS has been appointed as the architect / interior designer for three high luxury houses and eath client has taken a very different approach to the level of their involvement.

Telegraph Hill, houses 2 and 3 are part of a four house speculative development in Hampstead. For the design of these two houses the client was involved with the preliminary selection of materials and agreement of the design concept but it was the clients wish that PKS would take this information to produce a proposal for the clients approval along with a budget. PKS then developed these proposals as production information for the contractor to execute.

In contrast, High Acres was a private residential commission which therefore entailed greater client involvement during the design process. The house was designed specifically to our clients needs and the client was involved in the design process throughout all aspects of their house, from finishes and fixtures to the integration of inside and outside spaces.